Killesberg Tower

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Sits in Stuttgart’s Killesberg Hill Park, Killesbergturm, or Killesberg Tower, is a 40-meter-tall observation tower made by the structural engineer Jorg Schlaich. This award-winning tower is the real attraction of the park, opened in the year 2000. It is a cable-stayed tower with a cone-shaped structure constructed of metal stairs spiraling upwards on the steel cables. This double-helix design structure leads to four observation decks at 8, 16, 24, and 31 meters.

The tower is quite safe but when the wind blows, one can feel it swaying in the breeze which can be scary for faint-hearted people. You can enjoy the amazing views of Stuttgart as a reward for climbing 174 spiraling stairs. Together with the high ground, it offers a beautiful, far-reaching view of the city and Neckar Valley. Access to the tower is free and you’ll be asked for a voluntary contribution for it.

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Thomastraße 99 70192 Stuttgart