Juno Café

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Located on Rua do Anjo, Juno Bar is a 3-storey cultural house that pays homage to Juno – goddess of the gods.

On the 3 floors you can watch a concert on the lower floor; The 1st floor is ideal for talking, drinking a glass and dancing; While on 2sd floor you can see an exhibition or participate in yoga classes. On warmer nights or special events, at the back of the building, on the ground floor, you can always relax in the garden.

At the weekend, the music is electronic, while during the week passes more for the rock and music of the world.

Contacts & Details

Rua do Anjo, 49 4700-305 Braga


22:00 – 02:00


22:00 – 02:00


22:00 – 04:00


22:00 – 04:00