Jardim do Torel

Green Space Always Open (possibly closed due Covid-19 restrictions) Check location

Perched upon one of the seven hills of Lisbon, this lovely garden provides visitors with a breathtaking panorama of the city of Lisbon.

The public garden at Jardim do Torel opened in the 1960s and has been a favourite quiet hideaway ever since then. The garden can be reached by taking a ride on the elegant and historic Elevador da Lavra, the oldest funicular in the city (inaugurated in 1884).

Children laugh and play in the playground and at the small cafe you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while soaking up the peaceful surroundings.

There is also a beautiful pond with an 18th century statue of a mermaid, which is used as a splashing pool in the heat of August.

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Rua Júlio de Andrade 1150-122 Lisboa