Jardim de Santa Barbara

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The Jardim de Santa Barbara was named after the fountain that you find on the premises of Saint Barbara. This statue of Saint Barbara actually was once at the Convent of Remédios but has been located to this beautiful botanical location. Braga has a historic center, of which the Jardim de Santa Barbara is the center of and is one of the leading tourist attractions. There are always many picturesque opportunities to be had, and the public garden is filled with a variety of flowers in many different colors.

There is also the Episcopal Palace of Braga which has a Medieval Wing that is responsible for part of the personality of this famous garden. It is recommended that visitors take the time to visit the Café Lusitana terrace to have a coffee and enjoy the view. This location is one of the best places to enjoy fresh air, and beautiful surroundings in Braga.

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Rua Dr. Justino da Cruz 4700-317 Braga