Izmir Köftecisi

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An unassuming-looking fast-food spot near Kottbusser Tor, Izmir Köftecisi is an institution, famed as ‘the best köfte in Kreuzberg’.

The place has been open since 1993 and has fed many a drunk Kreuzberg-party-goer and street-food enthusiast. The köfte, a Turkish creation of minced meat with onion and herbs, are grilled to order and served on a fresh white bun with various toppings. The accouterment offered are various fresh veg, sauerkraut, herbs, and sauces.

The ordering process is a bit convoluted but easy to figure out. Place your order with a cashier, pay (in cash) and get a ticket with a number. When your number appears on a screen above the counter, approach and order your toppings, take your sandwich, enjoy.

Contacts & Details

Reichenberger Str. 10 10999 Berlin


11:30 – 02:30


10:30 – 02:30


10:30 – 02:30


10:30 – 02:30


10:30 – 03:00


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10:30 – 04:00