Insólito Bar

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Located in the heart of the city, the Insólito bar is just that – unusual. Its space makes it unique and the bar, which serves fast food until 4am in the morning, proves that it is the perfect place for long nights of fun with friends who like to dance and socialize.

The Insólito bar features a large space with more disco outlines, where the style of privileged music is the Rock of the 80’s. Outside, in an open air area with terrace and three bars, invites you to warm summer nights, and here the sound changes to something more commercial. With some frequency dj’s have guests and live music concerts.

In addition to the bar, cultural initiatives are also privileged, with a space for exhibitions and theater performances.

Contacts & Details

Avenida Central, 47 4710 Braga


23:00 – 06:00


23:00 – 06:00