Ilhéu Vila Franca do Campo

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This isolated piece of paradise can be found just off the main island of Sao Miguel and guarantees the more adventurous traveller an exciting day. During the summer months, of June through to September, the islet can be reached by using a reliable boat service departing from the Tagorete Pier, roughly one kilometre from the mainland.

The Vila Franca do Campo Islet is the result of an ancient partially submerged volcano that has formed a perfect semi-circle lake. This scenery combined with crystal clear waters and a charming little beach provides the perfect setting for diving and swimming.

The island has become of particular interest among travellers owing to the fact that it hosted the renowned Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championship. The spectacular beauty of this islet makes it a must see on your travels. Since 1993 it is considered Natural Reserve.

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Vila Franca do Campo São Miguel