Igreja de São Victor

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The Igreja de São Victor, Church of St. Victor, was built in the 17th century, and owes its name to the saint São Victor de Braga. The construction began in 1686 with a project from Miguel de l’École, a French engineer. João de Sousa was responsible for the consecration of the church which occurred March 19, 1698. The style that this church was built in is somber and austere.

There is a coat of arms of D. Luís de Sousa and is features in the triangular pediment in the façade. There are also two figures that are features, but no one is sure who the people are. Some think that the statues are São Bento and São Antão, however one of them could be St. Gerard. In the interior there are also many tiles that are accredited to the Spanish artist Gabriel del Barco y Minusca.

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Rua de São Domingos 4 4710-435 Braga