Igreja de São Domingos

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When this grand church was dedicated in 1241, it was the largest church in Lisbon. Throughout the centuries, this National Monument was often used for Portuguese Royal Weddings – creating an impressive setting for the pomp and pageantry of such a prestigious event.

The church has been beaten several times by the elements – it was nearly destroyed by the 1755 earthquake and also devastated once again in 1959 by a fire.

The church was opened again in 1994 after being restored. However, the restoration was not complete and there are still many sections of the church that bear the signs of fire damage, which gives the interior a creepy, macabre feeling. You can still smell the burnt aroma from the scorched pillars.

The numerous alcoves depicting the dead and decaying body of Jesus certainly add to this eerie atmosphere, making the Igreja de São Domingos a strange and fascinating attraction.

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Largo São Domingos 1150-320 Lisboa