Igreja de S. Francisco

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More than just another great old church, the Igreja de S. Francisco has a unique blend of architecture and a remarkably well-preserved interior well worth visiting.

Although the history of the Franciscan Order in Guimarães dates back to 1217, the reconstruction on the church began in 1400 and it has undergone several changes throughout the centuries. The main structure is Romanesque in style but there are also clear Gothic influences.

As you step through into the interior you’ll see the dazzling blue tiles and gold gilded altar – a feast for the eyes. The Renaissance cloister and the mosaic tiles tell the story of the life of Saint Francisco.

Visitors to this impressive place of worship are often amazed at how such an awe-inspiring edifice could be constructed so many centuries ago without the use of modern construction equipment.

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Largo de São Francisco 4810-225 Guimarães