Igreja da Misericórdia

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The project of this church started in 1585, by the architect Filipo Terzio, but the constructions only finished in 1653 under the orientations of the Portuguese builder Manuel Azenha. The façade of this church is covered in tiles of the 19th century and it has a baroque style. Between the four corinthian columns on ground floor there are placed several statues. In the upper part of the façade there is the symbols of the royal shield, the cross of christ and also an armillary sphere.

The interior is stunning, with a nave with several tiles of the 16th century on it. In the main chapel there’s a dome with panels, in stone of Ançã, which is a very common material in the centre of Portugal. This church has been classified as a property of Public Interest.

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Rua de Coimbra, 27 3810-086 Aveiro