Houses of Parliament

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Housed in the Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament is an important legislative body for the UK composed of House of Lords and House of Commons. Also called the Palace of Westminster, it is a Gothic-style building where meetings of House of Commons and House of Lords take place. Besides being the city’s most recognizable historic structures, the Houses of Parliament is also incredibly impressive. The interiors of this palace are beautifully decorated with classical chandeliers, drapes, and carpets. The glasswork done on the windows is also really beautiful.

After the devastating fire entire site was revamped in the 19th century, the work is somewhat newer but still has an old-worldly charm. The most popular feature of this building is its clock tower known as Big Ben. Certain times, visitors are allowed to enter and observe the running of the legislative body. Those interested in history and current affairs, the houses are a must-see destination.

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Parliament Square London, United Kingdom SW1A 0AA