Hôtel Saint-Côme

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Located at 32 Grand’rue Jean-Moulin, the hotel Saint-Côme has been the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Montpellier since 1920.

This building was desired by the famous surgeon Francois de Lapeyronie who had bequeathed part of his fortune for the construction of an amphitheater of anatomy similar to that of the Collège Saint-Côme in Paris. The building designed by the most active architect of Montpellier in the 18th century, Jean-Antoine Giral, was built in the middle of the 18th century. It consisted of two distinct parts: the building overlooking the street that housed the meeting room for surgeons, and on the other side of an inner courtyard was the actual amphitheater, intended for demonstrations of anatomy.

In 1794, with the merging of the school of surgery and the medical school within the school of health of Montpellier the building was abandoned to become in 1801 the Stock Exchange and the Commercial Court of the city of Montpellier.

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32 Grand Rue Jean Moulin 34000 Montpellier