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Located in the Braga center, the Hibiscus is a vegetarian restaurant with a buffet space available to the client. No meat or fish in sight, the buffet allows anyone to try and indulge in daily suggestions, even if you are not familiar with vegetarian and macrobiotic food.

With rustic interior decoration with stone walls and also an outside terrace, this space has a quiet and familiar atmosphere. It is the place where you can eat every day, with food cooked with love and quality ingredients. Chef Alda Pereira changes the menu every day, always betting on good ingredients, lots of color and lots of flavor.

Daily proposals include vegetable and miso soups, vegetables with vegan mayonnaise, vegetable and spice salads, lentils, soy, tofu and seitan. Spice tea always comes as a drink to accompany meals. As dessert, it is an excellent opportunity to try some specialties, such as chocolate cake (vegan), carrot and pumpkin pie (macrobiotic and vegan) or apple strudell.

The Hibiscus restaurant also aims to be a dynamic space for sharing knowledge and experiences, holding workshops and cooking workshops on a wide range of topics.

Contacts & Details

Largo de São Francisco, 32 4700-317 Braga


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