Hamburgueria A Gina

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In the heart of Lisbon, in a space where there was previously a pastry shop, in Praça da Alegria, we have since 2015 the Gina Hamburgueria.

With simple yet comfortable décor, the white walls and wooden appointments combine to give the space an inviting and relaxing air. Since the space is small, it is advised to reserve a table, especially for large groups.

At Hamburger Gina, typical and quality products such as meat burgers from Montalegre are served. Apart from these, the menu features a wide variety of burgers, from the more traditional to the more alternative. For those who do not appreciate beef, you can choose, for example, the chicken burger, octopus, vegetarian, “alheira”, or fish or seafood. To accompany, sweet or normal french fries. The menu also includes the salads and francesinha from Porto. With an average price of €15 per person, you can still enjoy the desserts, especially the Lima mousse or the Nutella cheesecake.

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Praça da Alegria, 46 1269-149 Lisboa


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