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Considered by many the most beautiful square of Berlin, this is a stage for Christmas markets, a winter ice rink, and orchestras playing classical pieces. Located in the Friedrichstadt, which was built by Friederich I at the end of the 17th century, the square is surrounded by the Schinkel’s Konzerthaus (a concert hall) and two churches, the German and the French cathedrals. The two domes in both churches, erected in 1785 by Carl Von Gontard, were built to add grandeur to these buildings and to the square.

The French church is the oldest and it was modeled after the Huguenot church in Charenton-Saint-Maurice, in France. The building has a viewing platform, a restaurant, and a Huguenot museum. The German church, designed as a pentagonal structure and built in 1708, was totally destroyed by a fire and it was rebuilt only after the German reunification, in the 1990s.

Like other badly damaged buildings in the area during World War II, the Konzerthaus, whose original design was inspired by the ruins of the National Theatre, was reconstructed in 1984.

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