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Frauenkirche, or the Cathedral Church of Our Lady, particularly stands out in Munich’s skyline as the most recognizable structure in the city. It is a seat of archdiocese built in the late 15th century but got damaged during World War II. The church featuring a pair of onion-shaped domes on top of massive 325-ft-tall twin towers is an important Munich landmark. Not only its architecture makes it stand out but by law, no other building is allowed to cross its 109-meter height.

Highlights inside the cathedral involve the huge bronze tomb of 14th-century Holy Roman Emperor Ludwig IV and the altarpiece of the Assumption by Peter Candid. The devil’s footprint is the main point of interest here which can still be seen today. According to legend, the devil left his footprint when he thought the architects forgot to put any windows, without realizing it was planned. People are allowed to climb the south tower to enjoy the panoramic views of the city and admire the art of masters like Jan Polack and Hans Krumpper.

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Frauenplatz 12, München, Germany 80331