Foz do Douro

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The Foz do Douro is a privileged place for the beauty of the landscapes that it offers, for its walk along the river and the sea, the terraces, bars and cosmopolitan gardens, being known as one of the most expensive areas of Oporto.

From times lost to history that was so, and indeed during the Roman occupation the area was known to have a small village linked to wildlife and maritime tasks, becoming a fishing village. During the 17th century it was an area of maritime fortification and zone of summer of British families almost at the turn of 20th century.

Classified as a Municipal Natural Heritage, in 2005 the Geological Tour of Foz do Douro was created as a way to disseminate and preserve its metamorphic complex, that is, its set of rocks of great scientific and pedagogical value.

On the way to this space you can see the pier of the fishermen, the garden of Calém, the fort of São João Baptista da Foz, and the river opens once in the sea, making a curve in the mirror of water that invites anyone to continue your ride.

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