Farol de Leça

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The Lighthouse of Leça da Palmeira, or Lighthouse da Boa-Nova as it is also known, was built in 1927 to replace the old Lighthouse of Nossa Senhora da Luz (1761) in Foz do Douro.

Being the first electric lighthouse to emerge in the north of the country, it is one of the highest lighthouses in Portugal (46 meters high) and has a luminous range that exceeds 28 nautical miles (visible about 52km). Once it also functioned as an air-sea lighthouse and was the headquarters of the Faroleiros Formation School.

Climbing the 225 steps of the spiral staircase, the lighthouse has a balcony that offers visitors an extraordinary panoramic view over the coast of Matosinhos.

Still in operation, it is also considered a monument of industrial archeology, including in its interior the Faroleiro Museum.

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Avenida da Liberdade 4450 Leça da Palmeira