Estação Ferroviária de Aveiro

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Building that began to be constructed at the beginning of 1856 at the insistence of the Deputy Jose Estevão and planned by the engineer Wattier, saw its conclusion in 1864. As the initial building was small and simple, in 1916 were made works of enlargement carried out by Licínio Pinto and Francisco Pereira.

This new building was built in the traditional Portuguese style, and having been decorated with several panels of tiles from the Fonte Nova Factory. In 2000, two more tile panels were also placed in the sanitary facilities, this time coming from the Fábrica Artecer in Vila Nova de Gaia. In this way, the most important collection of outdoor tiles in Aveiro can be found here.

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Rua do Dr. João de Moura, 2 3800-157 Aveiro