Englischer Garten

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Stretching from the Old Town to the River Isar, Englischer Garten is one of the beautiful and biggest urban parks in the world – even bigger than New York’s Central Park. Also called English Garden, this green space was created in the 18th century as the military garden. It covers an area of 910 acres that is adorned with naturally-arranged plants and trees, winding paths, waterways, and an artificial lake. The park is named English Garden for the English style of landscape gardening. It is not only influenced by the English style, but the Chinese Tower and the Japanese teahouse are also famous attractions here.

You can enjoy the beer at the Biergarten located at the foot of the Chinese Tower. The park is also home to the Bavarian National Museum having an amazing collection of medieval German tapestries and sculptures, and the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection that showcases local prehistoric artifacts. It is a famous place among locals and tourists alike for walking, jogging, cycling, and boating around the lake.

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München, Germany