Cuvilliés Theater

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Located on the east of the Residenz in Munich, Cuvillies Theater is one of the most significant and beautiful rococo theatres in entire Europe. It was built in 1755 and features the incredible carved woodwork of the auditorium, with its four tiers of galleries, including one constructed particularly for the electors which got restored in 1958 after the destruction during World War II.

Also called Old Residence Theatre, this venue boasts stunning architecture that oozes elegance and richness of its intimate Rococo interior, making it an ideal setting for operas like Mozart’s Idomeneo which got premiered here in the year 1781. It still gets performed occasionally along with many other Late Baroque period operas. Today, the theatre is no longer reserved exclusively for the royal court but also remains open to the locals of Munich. You can either visit the theatre separately or purchase a combined ticket with the Residenz and its museums.

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Residenzstraße 1, München, Germany 80333