Convento da Arrábida

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Located on the slopes of the Serra da Arrábida, the Convento da Arrábida was founded in the 16th century, where a chapel already existed, by Frei Martinho de Santa Maria (a Castilian Franciscan to whom D. João de Lencastre, first Duke of Aveiro, ceded lands) to house the Franciscan monks. Along its 25 hectares, it includes the Old Convent, the New Convent, the Garden and the Bom Jesus Sanctuary.

With a rustic and austere architectural style, the convent is almost devoid of ornaments. It is constituted by a grouping of small cells, churches and other dependencies, emphasizing in its interior the sculptures of saints, terracotta and wood, and the blue tiles.

At the moment the whole complex is property of the Fundação Oriente, that acquired it after a period of abandonment between 1834 and 1990, after the extinction of the religious orders. Due to its importance and originality, in 1977 it was classified of Public Interest.

It was in this convent that the film “The Convent” of Manoel de Oliveira was shot.

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