Colle Aventino

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The southernmost of Rome’s seven hills, the Colle Aventino (or Aventine Hill) is an elegant part of the city, with palaces, gardens and churches such as the Basilica of Santa Sabina and the Rome Rose Garden, a park with more than 1.100 varieties of roses, many of them gifts from around the world. However, many visit this hill for its impressive Aventine Keyhole, a picture-perfect framed view of Saint Peter’s Basilica.

The keyhole is part of the property owned by the Priory of the Knights of Malta, the oldest surviving chivalric order in the world, located on the top of the Aventine Hill with a view over the Tiber river. The property lies in the Piazza Cavalieri di Malta, designed by Giovanni Battista Piranesi in 1765.

The hill itself is legendary: mythology says that it was here that Remus attempted to found a city, setting up his augural tent, while Romulus set his up on the Palatine Hill. Today, Colle Aventino is a residential area, but full of wealthy examples of Roman architecture and the best way to explore it is by wandering through its streets.

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