Coliseu dos Recreios

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The Coliseum of Lisbon is a concert hall and performance venue in the Portuguese capital, where you can see a wide range of exciting shows and musical productions throughout the year. A historic landmark, it was inaugurated in 1890 and its spectacular iron dome came from Germany.

Throughout the years this venue has been a very important cultural centre, showcasing many of the operatic greats such as Alfredo Kraus, Antonietta Stella and Elena Suliotis. The aim of the Coliseum was to create a place where the world’s best voices could be heard at affordable prices.

As well as concerts, the venue also sometimes hosts awards ceremonies, dance shows, theatre productions, circus shows and much more.

Why not check the listings to see what shows are happening during your stay in Lisbon? Watching a performance from the luxurious seats of this elegant concert hall will be an unforgettable experience.

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Rua Portas de Santo Antão, 96 1150-269 Lisboa


13:00 – 19:30


13:00 – 19:30


13:00 – 19:30


13:00 – 19:30


13:00 – 19:30


13:00 – 19:30