Churchill War Rooms

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A part of the celebrated Imperial War Museum, Churchill War Rooms is an underground shelter that the Prime Minister of Britain, Winston Churchill, and his war cabinet used to shelter during the outbreak of World War II. This place was constructed shortly before the commencement of WWII. Today, this underground complex works as a museum, documenting the workings of the UK’s wartime government. Those interested in British politics or WWII history should explore the Churchill War Rooms and the Museum.

The whole space is divided into two areas: The Cabinet War Room and the Churchill Museum. The War Room covers Britain’s contribution since the war and up to the present day. The Churchill Museum is fully dedicated to Sir Winston Churchill – his intelligence, decisions he had to make, his service to British people, and his role in promoting peace in the world. You can also use the complimentary audio guide to explore all the exhibits.

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Clive Steps, King Charles St, London, United Kindgom SW1A 2AQ