Château de la Mogère

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The Château de la Mogère, located near the new district of the Odysseum, is a characteristic Montpellier extravagance, built in 1715 and classified as a historical monument since 1945. The estate was bought by Fulcran Limozin in 1707.

Construction began in 1715 following the design plans of the most active architect of Montpellier in the 18th century, Jean-Antoine Giral, also author of many other monuments in Montpellier. It remains in the same family since the second owner. The castle belonged to Jacques-Joseph de Boussairolles (1741-1814) who was an adviser to the Cour des Comptes, and Baron of the Empire in 1813. It is now managed by Gaston de Saporta who will guide you for a possible guided tour.

The water sideboard, the flower bed in front of the water sideboard, the aqueduct and the fountain have been classified as historical monuments since 1945, while the facades and roofs of the castle and the outbuildings as well as the whole park are classified since 1966.

The castle also contains protected and classified furniture: A still life painting of the 17th century; A portrait of Jacques-Joseph de Boussairoles ; Chairs of the Directoire period and others of the Louis XVI period; Bas-reliefs from the 18th century.

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