Centro Comercial Bombarda

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In Miguel Bombarda Street is the unconventional commercial space with the same name, Bombarda Shopping Center, inaugurated in 2007. The center embraces the artistic concept of the street having designer stores, craftsmen and still art galleries, clothing stores, regional products, leisure areas and a café.

Some of the spaces that are part of Bombarda Shopping Center are:

Hair Identity
In this hairdressing salon, wellness and customer satisfaction are the main objective. Whether you want to improve your natural beauty or simply change your look, Hair Identity offers a service tailored to your specific needs. At Hair Identity we are Artists and Creators, we are Change and Attitude, we are your identity and we are here to take care of you.

Mùi Concept
At the Mùi Concept store you can try and enjoy the 120 varieties of Vietnamese tea and herbal teas with different tastes and perfumes. In addition to teas, there are artifacts used by artists and artisans in Vietnam and other neighboring countries.

This small family-owned micro-enterprise sells 100% Portuguese products in sheep’s wool from Serra da Estrela. With a unique and original design, it is possible to find here varied products from blankets to personalized decoration objects, clothing and clothing and fashion accessories.

Vertigo is a store dedicated to the merchandising of Film, Music, Photography, Literature, Anime, Comics, and Art in general, and specializes in posters, art prints, vinyl motifs to fill the walls, among other objects. In this shop you can find a wide range of objects of various references and different cultural tastes.

In the FreeBird store you can find the most varied products, from different countries and continents. In this fashion store, we can find native products made by hand, handmade accessories, necklaces, earrings, clothing and home, as well as interior decoration projects. Let yourself travel the world by joining FreeBird.

Atelier Paula Quintã
This studio by Paula Quintã is based on three points: Gallery – an exhibition space which aims to show emerging artists; Conservation and Restoration – focusing on the preservation of modern and contemporary art, including integrated preventive conservation plans; and Contemporary Design – with the creation of unique and limited author pieces.

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