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The Nicolau Nasoni’s mansion that hides in the street of D. Hugo, behind the Sé, dates from the mid-eighteenth century, which places him in the same decade of the project for the episcopal palace of the same architect, unfortunately never completed.

Already in 19th century, the house is bought by a Dª. Maria Guerra Junqueiro with the purpose of re-creating the private environment of the poet’s house, and to install the collections of his father, Abilio Manuel Guerra Junqueiro, and donated the property and the collection to the Oporto chamber after his death.

Guerra Junqueiro was a statesman, poet, writer and republican at the turn of the century, encouraged the end of the monarchy and some of his works were satirical, pointing the finger at old institutions such as the Catholic church and the crown.

In 1996, the architect Alcino Soutinho re-qualified the building, creating temporary exhibition halls, a shop, cafeteria and an outdoor patio where the poet’s sculpture is found.

Today the museum house can be visited by the public and can see the furniture, sacred art, ceramics and sureties that complete the estate created by Guerra Junqueiro in his travels, being a testimony of the poet’s life.

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