Casa Grande

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Casa Grande, also known as the Casa dos Cunha Reis, is located in Braga in the parish of Cathedral. This house was built during the 18th century and is one of the most influential architectural places in Braga. Built up by D. António Alexandre da Cunha Reis Mota Godinho made this building one of the most important in Braga’s extramural area. The owner’s family was linked to wine, and it allowed them to construct this in the best styles of architecture.

There is a coat of arms on the building, but once it was completed the heir of the house passed away. This location still bears the family name, and the current owner is António da Cunha Reis. This location is now labeled as a Public Interest in 1977 and is a historical attraction.

Tourists that are interested in seeing a good example of powerful architecture and design should look no further than this residence. This is definitely a must see for anyone that is in Braga.

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Campo das Hortas 28 4820-142 Braga