Casa da Cooperativa Agrícola

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Referred as Edifício Arte Nova, this building is situated in the parish of Vera Cruz. The phenomenon of Arte Nova (art nouveau) was essentially confined to the decoration, with no interferences in the structure level. The façade is beautifully decorated and it’s filled with curved lines, and with tiles.

Constructed in the beginning of the XX century, this building may have been designed by Francisco Augusto da Silva Rocha. The tiles are pink, red and purple, with lilies, that accompany the curved forms of the façade, whose frames, like the corbels were carved in stone. On the ground floor there are three entrances. In the rest of the floors there is an arch. The inspiration of the curved lines allied with delicate forms is what makes this building very beautiful and a true landmark to see in Aveiro. In 1996 it was classified as a Monument of Public Interest.

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Rua João Mendonça, 5-6-7 3800-200 Aveiro