Casa Ángela

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In 2017, Manel and Joaquim, gourmets passionate about vice and trade, took the legacy of this emblematic establishment, which they insisted on preserving their essence of tapas bar of a life-time, a curiosity in this neighborhood where the most international chains predominate today.

Its purpose is to continue being the meeting point of neighbors and visitors who wish to drive the tooth to the best culinary tradition of Barcelona. That is why they keep intact those values that were established, years ago, by the former owners: closeness, honesty, quality and delicious tradi-tional home cooking.

From the paellas with their “sucarrat” to the juicy potato omelette with onion, through the refined cod fritters, the sweet octopus “a feira”, the spectacular garlic prawns, the creamy salad, the spicy brandy or the unctuous cannelloni or seasonal croquettes…

The menu is a tribute to those most emblematic dishes of the city that are shared with friends and family. And to pay tribute to that pioneer woman who cooked like the angels, and to remain faith-ful to the origins of an establishment that falls in love, the restaurant is called Casa Ángela.


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Plaça de la Sagrada Família, 13-15 08025


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