Carré Mer

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Such a square, facing the sea.

Square has sea we are not of concept, we have something else, a family spirit, an atmosphere, a soul, a DNA built since 9 years, since La Paillote is asked for the first time on the beach of Villeneuve-Lès-Maguelonnes. Thus, each new season, we invite our customers to discover a new history, the history of which we are reinventing the aesthetic according to the inspiration of our trips. This year the Black has made its appearance, a black which highlights these ethnic clamps compounds of shells brought back from the end of the world. Christian Collot Our decorator sign of its footprint a place which forgets the borders and which invites to dream awake.

Sea square faces a marine environment of exceptional purity, a beach as there is nowhere else, this Paillote is become a “gathering place” moderated by friendship, the sensitivity and the wisdom of human relations.

“Zen and natural” this paillote/restaurant plays between simplicity and sophistication, each object, each color, each fabric, each suspension build a dialog between cultures.

The beauty of the site, the kitchen “bistronomique” on the basis of fresh products and inspired of the market, the card signature cocktails, music, the home of our faithful teams contribute to make that SEA square has over the years become a ritual ephemeral of destinations of the summer.

Signed by J&The Pourcel, the cuisine served on the beach “Square Sea” made the beautiful share to the products selected by the leaders who are often present on the site. Simple but refined, around the Mediterranean flavors, you can taste a cuisine of inspiration nomadic and regional. Salads to share, grilled fish, meat at the plancha, pasta and risottos.

Since the bar or the beach, table or on the sunbed, of the entry to the dessert, you will enjoy the large plates composed at the whim of the market. At noon, for a business meal or in the evening for an evening with friends, the square Sea is an invitation to the pleasures that cannot be refused.

Open all days, service from 12h00 to 14h30 (15h00 during weekends and holidays) and 20h00 to 22h30 (23h00 during weekends and holidays).

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Plage de Maguelone 34750 Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone


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