Capela Incomum

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The Capela Incomum is a wine bar, occupying an old building in the center of Porto and integrating a chapel dating from the 19th century.

Located a few meters away from the most lively nightlife area of Porto, the Capela Incomum aims to be a quieter, more traditional space, where wine is the drink of choice. Not just a place to drink a glass, but where you can learn to enjoy the taste of wine.

In order to make the experience as interactive as possible, all wines have a test guide that explains how to taste and smell, analyze the color and characteristics of each one.

The wine (served by a glass or in a bottle) can be accompanied by a board of cheeses and sausages, toast and other snacks. If you do not like wine, you can also opt for beer, tea or whiskey.

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Travessa do Carregal, 77, 79, 81 4050-167 Porto


16:00 – 00:00


16:00 – 00:00


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16:00 – 02:00


16:00 – 02:00