Capela de São Gonçalinho

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Built in 1714, the São Gonçalo Chapel (or São Gonçalinho chapel) is located along one of the Ria de Aveiro canals, in the neighborhood of Beira-Mar. The local people believe that holy heals bone diseases and marital problems.

The festival in honor of São Gonçalo takes place on the Sunday closest to January 10 and fulfills the tradition of throwing pounds of cavacas (traditional sweet) from the top of the chapel to the people in the street who try to catch them. In the same celebration also has like tradition the “delivery of the branch”, that is a branch of artificial flowers conserved during many years.

This chapel was classified as Property of Public Interest in 2003. At its side door you can see a set of tiles that indicate the life of São Gonçalo.

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Largo de São Gonçalinho, 6 3800-073 Aveiro