Capela de S. Miguel do Castelo

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Step out of the heat of the day and into the cool, dark interior of this medieval stone church, first referenced in history in 1216. This church has important links to the very foundation of the Kingdom of Portugal.

The local lore insists that it is here that the young Afonso Henriques, the first King of Portugal, was baptised and this claim is stated on an inscription on the baptismal font at the front left of the chapel.

Although these claims are contradictory (the church’s founding dates to the reign of Afonso II of Portugal), the church is nevertheless an extremely important historic site.

The Capela de S. Miguel is located on the northern limit of the historic centre, surrounded by forest and accessed by pedestrian trails. Take a closer look at the granite slabs on the floor and you will notice that they are inscribed with the names of knights who have fallen in the line of duty.

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Paço dos Duques Rua Conde Dom Henrique 4810-245 Guimarães