Camden Market

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Comprising of Camden Canal Market, Camden Lock Market, and Camden Stables Market, the area called Camden Market is the biggest collection of street vendors in the United Kingdom. It has been drawing crowds of visitors coming to explore the wide range of unusual stalls and enjoy the lively atmosphere since the 1970s. This market sprawls with over 1000 stalls carrying everything, ranging from food items to furniture and fashion stuff.

It is an eclectic and diverse shopping space where you can rummage through vintage clothing stalls, find a travel book, or visit one of London’s best vegan bakeries at Cookies and Scream. To the left of the street is a huge variety of food stalls, selling a great variety of delicacies. The only issue travelers had was the presence of massive crowds during the weekend. If you don’t like much crowd, you can consider visiting during the week.

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32 Camden Lock Place London, United Kindgom NW1 8AF