Caldeira das Furnas

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In the town of Furnas you will find a piece of the unique world known as the Caldeira das Furnas, a place that proves that we are in volcanic terrain.

The Caldeira das Furnas has more than twenty thermal springs, and the water temperature can reach 98ºC. In this place, the smell of sulphur can be very intense, so it is advised to be careful. In these boilers boiling, with boiling water geysers, there are also small sources from which mineral water springs, some leaving an orange trace because of the large amount of iron.

These bubbling fountains are a place to visit and to be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you look carefully, you will also find a kind of cylinders placed on the ground that serve as “oven” and where the pots are placed to cook on the ground. When visiting the Caldeira das Furnas it is possible to eat a meal that was deliciously cooked inside the ground by the geothermal heat. This volcanically cooked meal is called “Cozido das Furnas” and can be meat or cod.

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