Burial chapel Württemberg

Viewpoint Always Open (possibly closed due Covid-19 restrictions)

Grabkapelle Rotenberg, or Sepulchral Chapel, is a stunning and understated building perched high upon the Wurttemberg hill. This is a burial chapel erected by King Wilhelm I in the memory of his beloved wife Queen Katherina after her premature demise in 1819. This monument of eternal love was built on the site of what was once a castle and is now a resting place of the king and his daughter as well. The chapel has a domed rotunda in Neoclassical style inspired by the Pantheon in Rome.

The views from the top are beautiful overlooking Neckar Valley and Neckar River and stunning vineyards, forests, and emerald hills. It is regarded as the most romantic spot in the city mainly because of the inscription above the chapel entrance “Love never dies”. Visitors can not only see where the couple was laid to rest but can also enjoy the stunning views.

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Württembergstraße 340 70327 Stuttgart