BMW Museum

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Located next to BMW’s soaring HQ and factories near Munich’s Olympic Park, BMW Museum is a futuristic mirrored building that showcases the evolution of the brand. It is a round, contemporary edifice, often described as a salad bowl, was designed by Karl Schwanzer – designer of the famous BMW HQ. The museum was constructed in 1973 and its galleries are on the Guggenheim-esque spiral. The showrooms are spacious and impressive and have everything to take you on a journey through the brand’s technological progress.

The museum contains almost every car model the company has manufactured, including motorcycles, sports cars, and racing models. It is an amazing place where you can spot the latest models and learn about the modern automobile technology as well as getting a glimpse of future designs and technologies the brand explores. If you join the guided factory tours, you can peek into the manufacturing rooms too.

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Am Olympiapark 2, München, Germany 80809