Birkenkopf – Monte Scherbelino Stuttgart

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The Birkenkopf is a 511-meter-high hill that sits in the west of Stuttgart – the highest point within the inner-city zone. The hill is famous among the Stuttgart’s inhabitants as Monte Scherbelino (Mount Rubble) as it grew between 1953-1957 by almost 40 meters. Nearly 15,000,000 cubic meters of the wreckage of buildings were ruined during the air attacks of World War II. One of the rubbles has a plaque stuck to it saying this mountain after World War II, stacked up from the ruins of the city, standing as a memorial to the victims and a reminder to the living.

From the top of the hill, the entire city of Stuttgart can be seen and on a clear day, the view extends to the Black Forest and even the lowlands of Wurttemberg. On the summit was the original wooden cross which was changed with a steel cross in 2003. On Sundays, early morning services are held on the summit during the summer months.

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