Basilique Cathédrale de Saint-Denis

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The final resting place of the kings and queens of France, the Basilica of Saint-Denis is considered by many as the birthplace of Gothic Art.

Designed by Abott Suger and completed in the 13th century, it was the first religious building to place great importance in light, a symbol of divinity, through the installation of numerous stained-glass windows – it is so bright that it was nicknamed Lucerna (the Lantern). Built on the grave of Saint-Denis, a Bishop of Paris who died in 250 AD, the royal abbey is now the burial place of 43 kings, 32 queens, 63 princes and princesses and 10 servants of the French monarchy. Among them are king Dagobert, Pépin le Bref, François I and Catherine de Médicis.

Only in 1966 was raised to the rank of cathedral. The tombs feature magnificent funerary sculptures from the Renaissance – one of the largest collection in the world.

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