Basílica dos Congregados

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The Basílica dos Congregados is located in Braga in the St. Joseph of St. Lazarus parish in the city. This church was designed by the acclaimed architect André Soares, and was started in the 16th century but completed in the 20th century. When construction began in 1703 there were not as many statues in the completed design, and there were also some missing towers.

However, these pieces were completed in the 20th century, and the wet tower as also finished. The only reason that the west wing was created was because of the funding of António Augusto Nogueira da Silva and he contracted Alberto da Silva Bessa from Vila Nova de Gaia to complete the construction. This location is one of the most beautiful churches in the country, and the final towers were the inspired by the monastery of San Miguel de Refojos.

This church did have a small accident in 1944 when a plane crashed with a wing into the nascent tower (the only one at the time), and the pilot, Fernando Sanches Ferreira de Sousa Magalhães, lost his life.

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