Basílica da Estrela

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The Basilica da Estrela was the first church in the world officially dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus – the physical heart itself representing the love that Jesus had for all humanity. It is one of the most ornate and visually arresting churches in all of Lisbon, with a highly detailed front facade and an interior filled with dazzling geometric marble patterns.

This Basilica was built as a fulfilment of a religious obligation by Queen Mary I when she gave birth to an heir to the throne – Prince José of Brazil. Sadly, José died two years before the church was completed. The broken-hearted queen was buried in the basilica that was built for her son.

As you explore the lavish interior of this impressive church, don’t miss the permanent nativity scene that features 500 figures carefully carved from cork.

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Praça da Estrela 1200-667 Lisboa