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Munich brims with hidden gems and the Asam Church is one of them. Built from 1733-1746 and dedicated to St. John of Nepomuk, Asam Church is one of the most significant late Baroque buildings in southern Germany. It was built by Asam brothers, one a painter and the other a sculptor. Originally this pocket-sized church was built as a private chapel but due to strong resistance from the inhabitants, it got opened to the public. The brothers dug deep into their appreciable talent box to adorn every inch of this site.

While its exterior is incredibly impressive, especially the huge door flanked by columns and covered with a statue of St. John kneeling in prayer, its interior is absolutely breath-taking. Its richly decorated with ornate marble work, statues, frescoes, stucco figures, and oil paintings. The most notable feature of the interior is the bright-colored, oval-shaped window above the altar called the Eye of God.

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Sendlinger Str. 32, München, Germany 80331