Arco da Porta Nova

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The Arco da Porta Nova is famous for its Neoclassical arch and Baroque influences. This architectural location was designed by André Soares in the 18th century and is located in Braga in the parish of Se. The king Fernando is responsible for completing the wall that exists around Braga, and this took place in 1373. The kind Dinis was responsible for starting this project but it was not completed in his reign.

During the 17th century a reconstruction project was ordered by Archbishop José de Bragança, and this is where the Rococo decoration began to flourish.

This arch has been used throughout history, but especially in the 20th century as the source of many marketing campaigns. There are also influences of a neoclassic eastern façade and a Baroque western faced in this design. This arch is an important part of Braga history and is a must see when traveling the area.

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Rua Dom Diogo de Sousa 4700-031 Braga