Ajitama – Ramen Bistro

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Ajitama’s story begins in late 2015, with two longtime friends, António Carvalhão and João Azevedo Ferreira, who had lived in Asia and spent a lot of time in Japanese lands, where they ended up falling in love with the most popular dish in Japan: the Ramen.

Arriving in Portugal, they had no way to enjoy their favorite dish, and in order to satisfy their desire, they embarked on a self-taught journey of 13 months, which ended when they managed to develop a recipe for a Ramen that reminded them of their original experiences in Japan.

The next step was the opening of a Supper Club at António’s house where, for a year and a half, they made their Ramen for hundreds of people, every Saturday night.

Faced with an ever-increasing and more demanding waiting list, they decided it was time to open their own restaurant, Ajitama Ramen Bistro, and extend their Ramens offer, having taken a Ramen Chefs course at Tokyo’s best school, the Rajuku, led by sensei Takeshi Koitani.

With their luggage full of new Japanese trends, they wanted the restaurant’s space to be emblematic, to make people transport themselves to Japan and to creatively represent their favorite topping: the Ajitama egg.

The wooden forms present at the site show artistic interpretations of the eggs with architectural features of traditional and urban Japan.

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