Agora, the Market Street

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The Market

Walk slowly along the “Agora” or the Market Street, a street that was named 1866 Street, after a Cretan uprising. The local people of Heraklion come to this old Market Street every day to buy socks, shirts, herbs, fish and fresh meat. It is a good place to find thyme honey, raki (the Cretan clear spirit).

Here there are shops that sell everything, from Cretan music collections to the finest cheese. This market has a long history and is always a place to meet and make plans. Walk in the side-streets and you will smell good Cretan food and feel the buzz around you.

Cafés here do not distinguish much between Greeks and foreigners; neither do the inexpensive eating houses that serve good food to everyone who enters them. At the top end, at the last turn, find the fish market and some great little “ouzo places” (smaller and less formal than a tavern) that fill up at night and provide excellent, simple, seafood.

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