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Located in the heart of Lisbon in one of the oldest and picturesque streets of the city is the Palácio do Mercador (“Merchant’s Palace”), a building whose first record dates back to 1565.

Resisting the earthquake that struck Lisbon in 1755, the owner at the time knowing of the presence in the city of the Milanese plasterer Giovanni Grossi commissioned him the decoration of his palace, according the rococo style, coating ceilings with beautiful stucco, the walls with tile (“azulejos”) panels and decorative paintings that we can still admire.

Over the five hundred years of its existence, the palace was home to many famous people who marked the society of their time through politics, culture and overseas trade.

Over the past five years the palace has undergone a profound restoration and conservation, promoted by the current owners and executed by the company CRERE, which brought back the splendor and dignity of other times.

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