Hotel Posada del Lucero

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Close your eyes for a moment and return to when time stopped here. Feel the pulse of life in the walls, the hive of stories that have brushed smooth its Tuscan and Cantañuelas style arches and columns. Sense the souls that have passed on, the beat of life they gave to the age-old masonry, the desires, the anguish, the pain and hopes that have been housed in its courtyards and under its roof, the very same desires, anguish, pain and hopes that have charged its silver-plated name with poetry. You’ve entered a place steeped in history.

Feast your eyes on a place that’s had the same function, without interruption, for over 400 years. You’re a 21st century guest, but just one of legions who have found rest behind these walls. Prepare yourself to enjoy the hospitality within. So many travelers have arrived from faraway lands, so many Sevillians have found repose and sustenance here, before carrying on with their tasks and chores.

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Calle Almte. Apodaca, 7
41003 Sevilla